Welcome to Tritools & Machinery Pte Ltd
Tritools & Machinery Pte Ltd was established in 1987. From a humble beginning of 5 personnel, she has grown to be a mature Company employing a total of 46 personnel, spanning over three countries.

Tritools & Machinery Pte Ltd is a Stockist and Supplier of Tooling, Machinery and Spare Parts. We cater to the requirement of the Timber Industries throughout South East Asia.

Our forte is in supplying to Plywood producing Factories, Particleboard Mills, Medium Density Fibreboard Mills and Wood-working Factories.

Besides the above, we have recently formed a new Division to cater to Palm Oil Fruit Harvesting. We are pleased to introduce our latest product, Motorised Mori Oil Palm Fruit Harvester which will greatly enhance the productivity compared to the present manual way of harvesting.

What's New?
Welcome | 21 Feb 2014
Welcome to our revamped website.
New Items and Divisions | 21 Feb 2014
Added new items, and new Divisions. New Machinery Division and Palm Oil Division.