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Tritools & Machinery Pte Ltd was established in 1987. From a humble beginning of 5 personnel, she has grown to be a mature Company employing a total of 46 personnel, spanning over three countries.

Tritools & Machinery Pte Ltd is a Stockist and Supplier of Tooling, Machinery and Spare Parts. We cater to the requirement of the Timber Industries throughout South East Asia. Our forte is in supplying to Plywood producing Factories, Particleboard Mills, Medium Density Fibreboard Mills and Wood-working Factories.

Currently, Tritools is divided into Five divisions to serve our customers.
  • Spare Parts Division
  • This division caters to the Spare Parts of most machinery found in the Timber Industries. Over the years, she had undertaken Up-grading and Over-hauling projects to good success.
  • Instruments and Supply Division
  • This division caters to the Quality Control equipment and Consumable goods. We hold various Exclusive Agencies and we compliment them with other equipment and supply sources.
  • Knives and Cutting Tools Division
  • This division caters to the wide range of knives and cutting tools needed in the Timber Industries. From the smallest spur knife to the long slicer knife, we are able to either produce (together with our Principal) or source at competitive prices. This division also supports the grinding requirement and other necessary equipment needed for the production of timber products.
  • Machinery Division
  • This division specialises in sales of Plywood Machinery. We are the Authorised Agent and Distributor of “Plantation Resources Enterprise Pte Ltd” machinery, which is used for Veneer and Plywood production using Small Diameter Logs.
    We also sells on adhoc basis, used Plywood Machinery.
  • Palm Oil Harvester Division
  • This division caters to the Palm Oil Industry. We have in stock, Palm Oil Harvester. This motorised harvester will reduce the man power needed while greatly enhancing the productivity of the harvesting process as compared to the manual method which is prevalent today.